Not meant to be

Some things are just not meant to be.

Well, we are sad here. Russell, the on-trial dog that we love, has a pretty acute separation anxiety. Essentially we can’t leave the house without him stressing out and trying to escape whatever confine he is in (crate, room, etc.) On Facebook I posted a picture of a pencil that he destroyed this morning. Tonight it was, indeed, the door frame and the door.

While we might be willing to work through that kind of destructive behavior if we owned our property, we cannot work through that while renting. He is a very sweet dog and I am super thankful that we’ve gotten to have him these two weeks. There have been a handful of other things that have kept this in “trial mode” and the combination essentially means that the trial period is over. (We can work through a lot of things but destruction is simply not one of them we can afford.) We went in knowing this was a trial period and we made ourselves promise not to feel too assured. It’s been hard because he’s so sweet. But we have to do what’s right for him and for us (and for my Dad who owns our property.) I know that we will eventually have a permanent doggy again. But, as we knew might be the case, now is just not that time.


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