Whelp, I did it.

Wait a minute. First, let me say that I hate it when people say the word, “whelp.” Unless of course they are discussing bitches giving birth.

PEOPLE! Calm down. I’m talking about dogs. It’s okay to say it when you’re talking about dogs! (Did I just lose you? Come back. You like puppies, right?)


See, you can’t be mad at me anymore. That right there is that word for which you almost unfriended me. Poor things. They get such a bad rap with that name! (Oh, and that right there? She is mine. Oh yes, she is mine.)

Anyways. That is the only time I am okay with people using the word whelp. When a female dog (see, I try to be sensitive) is whelping. {PUPPIES!} I just broke that most sacred of rules and now therefore I am a living paradox. I think I will go look at myself in the mirror with my eyes closed.

Where was I?

WHELP (sorry!), I did it. I started my own photography business.

nand photography logo black

It is sudden and unexpected and I don’t doubt for a minute that, though the process in discovering that this journey was meant to start now has been and continues to be a bumpy one, God is in it. God knows what He’s doing. God is not leaving me to flop on the seashore like a fish that found its way accidentally onto land.

No, He is leading me. He is gracious and good and kind and my heart, though confused at times, is singing, “Blessed be the name of the Lord. Blessed be His glorious name.”

So go check out my new little part of the internet world. I like it quite a lot so far. I would love to know that you all are praying for and supporting me on this journey!

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