Beyond Blackberries – 2.6.14

Love this girl and how God is using her.


Have you ever willingly stepped into the unknown?
Ever felt compelled to move forward…but in a direction that you hadn’t anticipated?
Didn’t plan for it.
Ducks not in a row.
No T’s crossed or I’s dotted anywhere?!
That’s me right about now.

And I’ve gotta admit something to you…I’m a little nervous!

I’m a planner. Kind of. I like to know what’s coming but past experiences have definitely taught me to be flexible, resting (or wrestling as the case may be) in the knowledge that God has every detail, no matter how large or small, in the palm of his hand. My preference is to do the research, know what I am up against, anticipate possible obstacles and set my boundaries accordingly. But I must acknowledge that in doing so, I often sabotage the end result by worrying too much about the process.

This blog is a new endeavor…

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