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Glad you came by shawnanigans for a visit. Here we muse, goof off, wax poetic, tell you what we think of stuff and hopefully encourage. We like to share pictures that we take along the way.

 I’m the Nan.

10246437_10152415629483713_3905978447623025318_nI am a firm believer that we are not our roles. Our roles are temporary. They do not define us at the root but are the pieces of a life-quilt that are currently being worked. We are always being  changed with the ebb and flow of life through suffering, rejoicing, sickness, sorrow, joys and brokenness. So I don’t like to introduce myself as a role because it’s not who I am, it’s just what I do for now. I am a patchwork quilt that is slowly being assembled by my Father.

I am Nancy. People around the web know me as Nancypantsgirl or just plain Nan. Right now some of my callings are that of wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. A few of my paid jobs in the past have been that of nanny, floor manager at Michael’s Arts & Crafts, sales-support at a parts and supplies company, independent photographer, prize buyer (and virtual personal assistant) for thepioneerwoman.com and still get a chance to work for her now and then. Great fun! For a two years I got my professional photographer chops by working for a high volume wedding photography company based in Danville, California. I only recently launched my own photography company, Nan Doud Photography where my specialties are weddings and births. I’m happy to be out on my own now and being able to focus all the more on creating a fabulous experience for my own clients. I’m always a mom as my number one job.

I love taking pictures, reading good books, watching Downton Abbey and Bones, gardening, writing poetry, getting my back rubbed, social media, making people laugh, laughing, turquoise, dogs and cats, watching movies that make me sob or almost pee myself from laughter or both, homemade kefir, sleeping, eating brunch, dangly earrings, drinking yummy coffee with plenty of cream and stevia, the color yellow, vintage typewriters and cameras, talking with friends in person and on the phone, apple products, Instagram, swimming, playing chess with my sons…. Oh and I like my hunkahunkaburnin’ bearded love. A lot.


I particularly like hugging and kissing him and laughing with him. I also like his muscles and his beard (more than brunch.) The beard grew on me. Not literally of course. It grew on him and as it grew on him (because it started out as a goatee when I met him) I came to love it. It’s soft and yet manly. How did I get carried away with my husband’s beard?

All the things that most people don’t like, I don’t like either, such as dirty laundry, washing dishes, paying bills and scooping animal waste. I currently don’t like running but I want to like it.

I’m the Shawn.

I have recently found out that I am not my gifts, my degrees, or my choices.  I am an adopted son of the King, son of a Tennessee sharecropper’s son, a brother, a husband, and a dad.

Some places where I spend my time, wield my gifts, and share the fruits of God’s good grace:  Around Central New Jersey near Princeton University, Hope Presbyterian Church where I am Associate Pastor and at home.

love (and not in this order) reading books that make tough guys cry, the Social Media timewaster/friend connector/humor/networking thing, tech/gadgets, good design, leading worship, old and dying crafts (leatherwork, woodworking, blacksmithing), sushi, growing facial hair and tickling loved ones with it, preaching, snarky humor, This Old House, American Pickers, biking, good Mexican food, my kitty (named Paul Hewson), indie rock, microbrews, coffee, bread products, cold cereal (for any meal of the day), my four boys, writing, Moleskine journals, and lastly (but not leastly) my wife (see above) who reintroduced loud laughter and living into my life 17 years ago.

Our kids. We have four of them and they are all, as you can see, of the XY chromosome. And yes, they’re all ours! We don’t give them fake names for our blog. We do try to give them a little slice of anonymity by not mentioning their names specifically on our blog. They are loud and lovely, wild and wonderful, nerdy and nice, mischievous and musical, hilarious and handsome… pretty much the little sums plus some of the equation Shawn + Nan. (Do we sound like math people now? How silly of us. We’re not.)


I hope you enjoy getting to know us a little bit better whenever your wanderings bring you here. Please feel free to contact us using the contact form if you have any questions.

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  1. That is such a lovely family photo! I’m so glad to meet you (virtually!) Nancy! Your family seems like such a tightknit, fun loving bunch! Followed your site because I think you take gorgeous pictures! 😀 That golden retriever on the home page (too cute. I have one at home myself but he’s a big boy now!)